Cat advice – Personal Experience!

Here are 6 simple but very effective tips on cat advice!

  1. Buy a scratch pole for your cat to sharpen its claws. Cats need this constantly and to avoid your cat tearing up your furniture, make sure you can afford to buy a scratch pole before you buy the cat!
  2. Here’s a good piece of cat advice! Do not threaten a cat when it is kneading. Cats knead for two main reasons,
  • Emotional Security
  • Territorial Markings

Cat advice – Personal Experience!

When the cat was a kitten, the kitten had to knead whilst it was feeding on its mother’s teats. Thus when a cat kneads, this psychological attachment of happiness is a good thing. In regards to territorial markings, a cat will be very protective of the area he/she is kneading on thus please be aware of their feelings as cats are very sensitive creatures which brings me on to my next tip.

  1. If a cat has been shaved due to surgery, do not laugh at it. Laughing at a cat that is already feeling insecure will force it into a solitude stance whereby it will avoid people in general for a couple of weeks until it regains its self-esteem again. Use this cat advice as a simple warning that if you wish to build a good relationship with your cat, respect your cat’s feelings.
  2. If your cat is on a diet, make sure that there is an easy shift assisting its change from a regular based diet to a weight-control diet. Diets may result in sudden side effects such as hair loss and even diarrhoea.
  3. Do not feed your cat chocolate. As much as you hear dogs are the only animals that cannot eat chocolate. So are cats! They do not contain the digestive system to break down the chocolate thus it causes harm in the cat’s body instead of the satisfactory feeling of wonder in a human’s mouth. Cats will not stop eating the chocolate if accessible even if it is bad for them. This is the same concept as to why people smoke when they know it is bad for them! Because it feels good!
  4. Use cat nip in small quantities as cats tend to have spasms if too much is given. This is an important piece of cat advice as most owners are unaware of the reason why their cat has random spasms. This will probably be due to the cat nip provided.

The above consists of very short but handy cat advice that can be applied everyday!

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