Creative Pet Furniture Ideas – Pets need beds too

I have decided to write a post about Creative pet furniture ideas because we have been looking for the right pet furniture for our home.  We know that our pets need beds too.  Having 3 dogs and 2 cats makes it impossible to let them all sleep at the bottom of our bed.

We don’t want the normal pet cushion on the floor as our house was built in 1880, and we have a large area (About 10′ x 12′) that won’t work for anything, so we have decided it will be the dogs area, we want to have actual furniture that will fill that area and blend with the house.  We have been  trying to figure out a creative way to build their furniture so that it looks like their own bedroom or living room.  We have been through several photos of pet furniture, and ideas of building something special for them.  First we thought of building their furniture to look like a miniature sectional sofa and a coffee table, then we thought something like bunk beds would be cute, but we have slant ceilings so that wasn’t really going to work.  We have a dog bed that we made years ago for Shiloh and Buster that worked well, but it isn’t working now that we have 3 dogs.  It also isn’t cute. lol.

Creative Pet Furniture Ideas

Recently a friend of ours asked us if we knew anyone that could use a toddler bed.  We thought about it, and decided  what better dog bed can you get.  They are sturdy enough for a toddler, so a good size dog isn’t going to break it.  It is just like a normal bed but smaller, perfect for a dog (or 2).  I actually think that all 3 dogs would fit on it, if they are willing to share, which our dogs are pretty good about.

That gave us the idea that we can make them an awesome area of their own with toddler furniture.  It saves us from having to build sturdy cute furniture for them.  Toddler furniture is about the same price as Pet furniture most of the time, sometimes cheaper and better quality.  From what I have seen online, toddler sofas are quite a bit cheaper than a dog sofa.  Just imagine your pets  having furniture that looks like your except smaller.  I think it is adorable.  They do make some pretty cute dog sofas though as you can see to the right.

You can get pet bedding or toddler bedding.  Whatever you like best.  It will all fit a toddler bed or sofa.  A crib mattress that fits on the toddler bed will be easier to clean as most of them are made of material that you can just wipe down.  That alone is a big sell to me as my beagles have an odor a day after I bathe them and I cannot bathe them every day, that would dry out their skin plus that is not an easy job.  Their beddings have to be washed constantly, but the dog bed (cushion) cannot be washed as it is too bulky for the washer and it will not dry completely through if I wash it by hand.  So after a while, I have to throw it out and pay $65.00 for another one.  Crib mattresses can be purchased for under $40.00 depending what one you want.  Of course you can pay the same as a pet cushion, but either way the mattress is easily washable and will last for years.

I personally believe that toddler furniture is made better than pet furniture because the manufacturing companies know that you are going to buy a new dog bed when yours is ruined, they also know that you won’t be buying a new toddler bed, but you may recommend their brand to a friend, so they will make it with better quality.  They also will make it sturdier because they don’t want a child getting hurt because of their product.

I also think that it would be cute to have a coffee table type thing for them that has inserts for their water and food dishes.  So it wouldn’t be able to be as high as most coffee tables.  You can purchase elevated feeders for them, that are not that expensive.  You could also build one that matches other furniture, if you are handy about that kind of thing, or if you know someone that is.

Just look at this pink canopy toddler bed to the right.  Now wouldn’t that make your female dog a really cute bed?  I just think that it is the cutest thing, and you are not going to find something like that in dog furniture.

I also have recently found a regular coffee table that doubles as a dog bed.  It is actually really cute, I have put a picture  of one to the right, and if you click on the picture you can purchase it.  If I was going to have their area in the living room and want a new coffee table, I would get this one.  But I don’t need a new coffee table, and their area is in my bedroom.  My dogs do sleep on the couch during the day, and as much as I wish they didn’t, I don’t really see stopping them now.  That is what they do when then want attention while we are watching TV .  I won’t take that away from them, as I have already stopped them from sleeping on my bed when we got the third dog.

Where to put your pet furniture

There are so many different ideas out there about where to put your pet furniture.  Some people have found a way to have their dogs bed under their bed.  Some have made it a dog kennel under their bed.  If you have a spot under your staircase that you don’t know what you want to do with, you can make some pretty neat dog space in that area as well.  If you need 2 dog beds but don’t have space, you can also get dog bunk beds.

If you happen to have a closet that you don’t need (I know that isn’t very likely lol), you could set up a special doggy room in that closet.  I have done that for my cats in the bathroom closet (It is a very large bathroom closet) because the dogs wouldn’t stop eating the cat food, and well… the kitty litter too.  So we cut a hole in the wall big enough for the cats, but too small for the dogs to fit through, and framed the opening and that is where the cats food and litter box is.  You can also install a pet door if you prefer.

Every home is different, so I am sure that I cannot possibly come up with all of the different ways or places to have your pet furniture, but these are just a few ideas that I have thought of.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions or comments (Or more ideas) about creative pet furniture ideas please let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you,


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