Dog Begging

Dogs certainly can look very cute and be very charming when they beg. They look at you with their loving eyes, how can you say no? The problem is, they are not looking at you with love, they are looking at your food. If you give in to your begging dog, you will never again be able to eat a meal in peace.

To stop a dog from begging you have to be firm. The tips below will help you to stop dog begging at your house.

The first thing for you to do is not feel guilty. Don’t give in to your dog because they are cute and make you feel guilty. You are doing them a favor by being consistent and not feeding them your food while you eat. If you do feel the need to give your dog leftovers, don’t do it from the dinner table. Instead put the food in the dogs bowl.

Be stern to stop dog begging. Tell your dog in a firm voice that begging is not acceptable. If that is not enough, you can try and use a shake can.

If you cannot stop your dog from begging with these methods, you may have to put your dog in another room, or outside when you eat. You must not give in to the dogs barking and let the dog back in the room that you are eating in. Eventually, the dog will learn that it can stay in the room if it does not beg.

If you absolutely must sneak your dog food when you eat, make it a healthy snack. Give your dog a plain piece of lettuce, or a carrot. Your dog will either enjoy the vegetable, or will quickly learn that begging is not rewarding for the food he or she wants.

If all else fails, you may need more resources in specific Dog Training.

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