Getting rid of cat urine odor

Getting rid of cat urine odor is not an easy task, but I found an easy inexpensive solution.  Please read this to find out how so that you don’t have to go through what I have.  There are many reasons that you may be dealing with this problem.  If your cat has never done this before, he/she may be sick.  Kidney or urinary infections will cause this problem.  If they are in pain, they will associate their litter box with pain and go anywhere but the litter box to try to avoid the pain.  Of course if this goes on for a long time, it may be harder to re-train them to use their litter box.

My personal experience with this problem

So first things first, you would want to take them to the vet.  I had a cat that had her kidneys damaged from a pain  medication that a vet gave her.  She had broken her leg and they wanted to amputate so I took her to another vet that said it would heal fine with the splint that was on it, and it did.  You would never know that she broke her leg.  But when he looked at the pain meds that the other one had given her he said to stop immediately because that was for dogs and would ruin her kidneys.  Well it wasn’t long before she started peeing blood, and not using her litter box.  It was recommended to me to try cranberry powder in her food before expensive treatments or surgery.  So I tried it and it worked.  It cost $14.99 at the pet supply store.  A lot cheaper and easier on her than other treatments or surgery.  You can purchase it online from

Getting rid of cat urine odor
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Getting rid of the odor

The next problem was the fact that she wasn’t using her litter box, and everywhere that she peed on the floor caused my other cat to pee there also.  Once the odor is there, it will cause all cats to go there.  I tried every cleaner and home remedy that I could.  Nothing worked.  I was my wits end with the odor that I couldn’t get rid of and the fact that both cats continued to pee on the floor.  I do not have a window that I can open in that room to air it out, so I couldn’t shut the door because when I did, the odor would about knock you over when you walked into the room.  I remembered that someone had told me a few years ago that they used a cleaner/deodorizer called OdoBan for a musty smell in their home.

So, I decided to try it.  I got lavender scent, but you can also get eucalyptus.  I put it in a spray bottle and sprayed the floor first, let it dry and then mopped the floor with it.  The instructions for diluting with water are on the bottle.  It was very strong while using it and for a little while afterwards, but it worked!!! My laundry room is now odor free!!  I can keep the door closed all the time and when I go in to do laundry, it doesn’t stink at all.  It isn’t expensive either, it averages $10 for a gallon.  I wish I had tried that before all the messy home remedies that cause me a lot more work and they didn’t help at all.  I always try the home remedies first, but most of the time, I have found that they do not work and they cause such a mess that it isn’t worth it.

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I have recently started leaving the door open when I am home to see if the cats will start doing it again or not.  So far (knock on wood), they haven’t.  They don’t seem to even notice that the room is there anymore.  So I believe between getting rid of the urine smell and keeping the door closed for so long that they will not do it anymore.  I have read everywhere that getting rid of the odor is all it takes to stop them, so if you can’t close the room off, you should still be all set.

I hope this helps you if you have a problem Getting rid of cat urine odor, or if you ever do have the problem in the future.  Thank you for reading.


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