Help your cat deal with Cat Hair Loss!

Imagine waking up one day, unexpectedly, to find yourself losing your hair. How would you feel? Now, apply that same very situation in the perspective of a cat. How would he or she feel? I know what you’re thinking right now, cats and humans aren’t the same! Oh, but believe me! Cats may even be worse in handling cat hair loss. Due to their nature, cats are sensitive and very self-conscious. Laugh at a cat when it feels insecure and it might go into hiding for weeks! Trust me, this comes from personal experience!

Cat Hair Loss

How serious is cat hair loss?

Cat hair loss may be due to grooming a cat. This cat hair loss could be caused by an unsuitable brush that does not groom the cat properly but instead pulls out its natural cat hair or even that the cat is not as good as grooming as other cats! It is also possible for a cat that grooms too much to experience cat hair loss especially at the belly and hind legs. Although this would be the hopeful cause of cat hair loss, there are other possibilities that may not have such a great outcome. The skin surrounding the area where most of the cat’s hair was loss may appear to be normal or even red, scabbed, bumps and even possibly skin loss.

 What to do when your cat is experiencing hair loss?

Before you jump into conclusion, analyze the situation and background of your cat. Hair loss is more common for older cats as they age, it can also be seen in very young kittens as a stage of growing. Take into account if your cat is on a well balanced diet or overweight, regularly grooms itself (but not too excessively!), is experiencing any other cat diseases such as flu, fever or any other viral infections.

From this, you can consult your local veterinarian with these pieces of information to help your vet search the cause quicker.

What will the vet do?

Physical examinations will be carried out whereby some skin samples of your cat may be taken in order to research why there is cat hair loss. Your veterinarian may also discuss on flea treatments if any fleas are found thus being a potential cause of the hair loss. If this is not the case, your vet will carry on to a medical search to see if your cat is experiencing any underlying medical issues that has affected in cat hair loss. However, if you suspect that your cat may be stressed, you will have to notify your veterinarian in case this may be a possible factor. Stress may be due to a change in the surroundings or an unfamiliar face in the house for a relatively long period of time.

Although cat hair loss can be normal, it is better to be safer than sorry.

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