How To Keep Your Dog From Eating Cat Poop

Dogs are known to have voracious appetites and to eat foods that we may find offensive, but the line is drawn when your dog starts eating cat poop. This actually is a very common problem and most dogs that live with cats will have done it at one point or another. But If your dog makes a habit of eating feces, than something must be done to stop that behavior.

How To Keep Your Dog From Eating Cat Poop
How To Keep Your Dog From Eating Cat Poop

The most common reasons for dogs eating other animal dung is out of boredom, because the dog is lacking some kind of nutrients in the diet, or sometimes just because they like the taste of it. While this behavior does not typically pose a threat to your dog’s health, it does make you think twice about letting your dog give you a kiss.

To help stop your dog from eating poop, you may want to give your dog a quality dog vitamin. This can help to give your dog the necessary nutrients it needs and may stop your dog from trying to get them from another source.
You may want to try to move your cats litter box to an area that the cat can easily get to, but is out of the dogs reach. This alone may help to stop this bad dog behavior. If you keep the litter box in a specific room, you can bar the door with a hook and eye fastener that is big enough for the cat to fit through, but to keep the dog out.

Putting a spice like cayenne on the cat’s fecal matter will keep the dog out of the litter box. After your dog tries it a few times, your dog may learn to associate the negative experience of the spice with the litter box and stay out for good.

If your dog is eating poop because he is bored, try exercising your dog more. You can also buy more dog toys for the house to help to keep your dog busy and out of trouble.

One of the biggest dangers for your dogs eating cat poop is if your dogs consumes too much kitty litter. This can cause intestinal obstructions. If you notice your dog eating cat poop regularly and then start to lose weight or is more tired than usual, call your vet immediately.

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