Most important Cat Ailments!

Most important Cat Ailments!

These here are some of the most important cat ailments that can affect both your cat and kitten! The more you are aware of these cat ailments, the better you are at detecting how well your cat truly is!

Most important Cat Ailments!

1. Cat Hairball

It is natural for cats to cough up hairballs which are often circular in shape. This is due to the grooming cats give themselves whilst ingesting the fur they had licked. Hair is not digestible hence it passes up through the intestines ending up as feces or is coughed back up out the mouth. Although hairballs are natural, it can cause many issues such as congestion in the intestines whereby the hairball gets stuck.

–         Symptoms; Loss of appetite, constipation, vomiting smelly hair balls, laziness and weight gaining issues

–         Prevention; groom your cats regularly with brushes and keep their coats clean

–         Treatment; feed the cat hairball formulas which will aid in the hairball movement through the intestines. This will also help avoid further cat ailments in the future!

2. Cat Urinary Tract Disease

This disease is one of the worst cat ailments possible. It is very painful and causes a high level of discomfort in your cat. The urinary tract disease is often a virus or a bacterium that infects the urinary tract causing problems in passing urine which may lead to the cat’s reluctance to drink water.

–         Symptoms; Blood in urine, limited number of times the cat urinates, urination only occurs in small quantities, tiredness and a loss in appetite.

–         Treatment; this has to be treated clinically as it is a very dangerous and fatal cat ailment.

3. Fleas

Fleas are very common cat ailments as are they in majority of other domestic pets.

–         Symptoms; Fleas, cat’s hair is scruffy/dirty very easily, greasy skin, bright red patches in the skin (not sunburn)

–         Treatment; By physical removal using tweezers, clinical removal, anti-flea sprays or anti-flea medication.

–         Prevention; Treat your house for flea eggs, make sure your house is clean and does not have any dark damp areas.

4. Pesticides

The danger with pesticides and cats is that cats are exposed to consumption of these pesticides. This is fatal within cat ailments because the digestion of such pesticides were made to kill and for a domestic pet cat to consume such pesticide could be deathly. Cats may have access to areas where rodent bait is laid out, especially cats that are free to roam around outside. This can cause serious danger to the cat.

–         Symptoms; any sudden changes in the normal cats behaviour, lethargic, loss in appetite, vomiting, conjunctivitis, etc.

–         Treatment; visit the vet immediately!

–         Prevention; try to keep your cat under your eye or at least know that your cat is in safe hands.

These are just lists of the most important cat ailments there are. Please be aware of the symptoms of cat ailments and be ready to act as necessary!

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