Pet health records

Pet Health Records on the Internet

Perhaps you have been considering keeping and maintaining your own health records of your dog or cat. You might be surprised to learn that there are websites that offer record keeping services for your pets. They typically make it easy to create and access the pet health records and you can have access to the records whenever you want.

Pet health records
Pet health records

You will have one source for all the health records that have accumulated for your pet. You can review them whenever you require information, or you can print out the records and provide them to your new veterinarian.

If you have to take your pet to an emergency room you can easily access the records and print them out for the emergency workers. You can easily print out the pet health records and provide them for kennels that require certain types of information. Sometimes kennel workers can provide better care for your dog or cat if they have knowledge of the health of your pet and a record of his behavior.


Most of the websites that offer pet health records services also provide security for your records. The records are easy to change and to add new information. Records should include information such as the birth date of your pet, weight, the name and phone number of your veterinarian and if applicable information regarding your pet insurance policy. It’s a good idea to also include in the pet health records the medications your pet is currently taking, important behavior characteristics, the schedule for vaccinations, allergies and a report of the health of your pet.

Health Tests

It’s a good idea to place in your pet health records information such as what type of health tests they had performed and when they occurred, the various illnesses that your pet has experienced, the various treatments and medications they have taken, the surgeries they had, as well as allergies and a history of their visits to the veterinarian.

Some services offer a section for placing information regarding the behavior of your pet and this can be useful for keeping observations about your dog after a surgery or an illness or how he behaves while on medications. This information in the pet health records can be useful to your veterinarian.

The services typically provide a printout that you can take with you to a veterinarian office which provide information such as the diagnosis made by the veterinarian, the medications recommended by your veterinarian and the dosage level. It’s a good idea to keep pet health records.

You can also keep information such as treatments that were preformed as well as the test results and therapies that were recommended and the overall evaluation of the health of your pet. If you want to keep your own pet health records there are services available on the internet.

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