PetSafe Wireless Fence

I have decided to do a review about the Petsafe Wireless Fence because I have it, and love it.!! I don’t know how we (and our dogs) ever lived with out it.  We chose wireless instead of underground because we didn’t want to have to dig  and bury the In-Ground fence.  It was quick and easy to hook up, and it works great.

I am going to do this review a little different than I usually do, because I want to include the In-Ground fence option for you.  I don’t believe that we will ever switch to the In-Ground system, just because our situation works so well with the wireless system.  I can definitely see where the In-Ground would be of benefit to us and others, because you can shape it anyway that you want and block off areas that I cannot with the wireless system.

PetSafe Wireless Fence
PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

The wireless system

The wireless system is very easy.  You plug the unit (wireless transmitter with power adapter) into an outlet that is in the center of the area that you want the fence to be.  Check the boundary line by walking around with the collar and listening for the beep (don’t put the prongs in your hand though, or you will get zapped) Adjust the size of the boundary (Circle) to the area that you choose up to 1/2 acre or 90 feet from the center (transmitter) in all directions.  You can expand the size of the area with another transmitter.  The circle will open  wherever the lines overlap. (This system also works with the Stay+Play wireless system and collars).  You can add an unlimited number of pets with additional collars sold separately.


After you plug it in and find the correct size for your yard, you will put the flags in the ground along the boundary line, as that will help your dog during training.  there are 5 adjustable levels of static correction.  You should test the levels on yourself before you put it on your dog, we found the palm of our hands to be the best place to check the levels.  Put the collar on your dog, use a leash while walking your dog around the boundary line.  Whenever it beeps pull her away from the line.  After several times of doing that stop pulling her away to see if she will do it herself, if she doesn’t she will get a static correction.  Make sure that you pull her out of that because in the beginning my dog sat down and continued to get shocked until I pulled her out.  It only takes a few times of getting shocked before they realize that they should stop when they hear the warning beeps.

The batteries will blink when they are running low to warn you.  They are not expensive at all.  You can order them  from Petsafe or if you don’t have time to wait for them to be delivered they sell them at most pet supply stores.

Most dogs will act afraid in the beginning.  They will not want to go outside, or if they do they will stay extremely close to the house for a while.  Don’t worry, with your guidance they will slowly start to wander further from the house until they eventually use the entire yard.  Too many people give up when their dog acts afraid.  You have to give it time and show your dog where they can play.  If you do that, they will be much happier dogs being able to run around and play in a large area.

The In-Ground fence system

The In-Ground fence system is great because you can put the wires in the ground wherever you want.  If you want it in a square, triangle whatever shape, you can do that.  You can also put the wire around flower beds and other areas that you want to keep them away from.  I cannot do that with the wireless fence, so therefore had to remove my flower beds from the front of the house because my dogs wouldn’t stop digging my flowers up.  My husband doesn’t want to bother with the In-Ground fence because he said if it malfunctions, you will have to dig it all up to find where the problem is.  That is true, and I don’t want to do that either.

My overall opinion

So they both have their pros and cons.  Either one will be one the best investment that you will ever make if you have a dog or dogs.  Having a yard that your dog can freely roam is much better for your dog than being tied to a chain, or being in a small caged in area.  If you add a doggy door, your dogs can go outside whenever they want unless you choose to lock it at certain times.  No more having to worry if you don’t get home in time to let them out, or getting up through the night to let them out.  It is much easier on you and your dogs, because they don’t have to wait when they need to go potty.

The freedom must be a wonderful thing for them, I know that I can tell that my dogs are much happier since I got the wireless fence and doggy door for them.  If you are patient during the training process, you will be extremely happy with this purchase.  Some dogs catch on right away, and others take a little time.

Thank you for reading my PetSafe Wireless fence Review, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment section below.


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